The Boxed Up Project Helps Kids Unpack Their Grief

Boxed Up Project creates grief toolboxes to help kids and teens process and express their feelings of loneliness, sadness, and the myriad of emotions that occur when dealing with grief and loss. 

Each box contains carefully selected items such as books, comfort cards, a journal, art supplies, a photo album, a stuffed animal, fun activities, and a kid-friendly instructional guide to help them focus on positive feelings and unpack their grief. 

Boxed Up Project worked with accredited grief experts to create two boxes, for ages 5-11 and ages 12-17. The contents are unisex, age-appropriate, and serve a purpose. They also included resources for adults so they can further support these kids. Boxed Up Project recently donated these boxes to Ryan House.

We are so grateful to be one of the organizations to receive bereavement boxes from The Boxed Up Project.  We invite you to see what it’s all about at this link where our Child Life Specialist, Mitch Cohen was recently featured on AZ Family TV with Boxed Up Founder Milan Corragio-Sewel.