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Designed to deliver multiple adaptive modes of on-site care, Ryan House embraces all children and their families as they navigate life-limiting or end-of-life journeys. Here, we are realizing both the philosophy and the practice of pediatric palliative care. We are the only organization of our kind in the Southwest, and one of three in the country. Our services are provided at no cost to families.

Pediatric Respite Care in Phoenix

Respite care is a gift of time; short-term overnight stays that help a family take breaks from the stress of ‘round the clock home care. It also creates opportunities for kids to be kids, where they can spend time with other children like them. Pediatric respite care becomes a necessity, not a luxury. It is the solution for renewed energies and fresh perspectives, as regular “time off” for caregivers is essential to help prevent family fatigue and breakdown. At Ryan House, children and families can receive up to 28 days of respite care per year.

Pediatric Palliative Care in Phoenix

Pediatric palliative care is both a philosophy and method of care. It aims to holistically identify and alleviate the physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional pain for both the child and the family. Its primary goals are to enhance quality of life, minimize suffering, optimize functions, and provide opportunities for personal growth.

Life-Enhancing Therapeutic Activities in Phoenix

Certified child life specialists and trained volunteers provide activities that address the isolation, pain, and fear children and their siblings face with diagnosis. They also improve overall quality-of-life by providing opportunities to experience new sensations, develop skills, and gain confidence. Activities include: Legacy Building, art, music, pet, sensory, recreational, and hydro-therapeutic activities.

Pediatric End-of-Life Care in Phoenix

Families with a child facing end-of-life receive supportive planning and compassionate care consistent with clinical, cultural, and ethical standards. Ryan House also provides parents or guardians and siblings with a loving system of support and comfort. End-of-life care is provided in partnership with our Care Partner, Hospice of the Valley.

Grief and Bereavement Support in Phoenix

Ryan House offers grief and bereavement support to families in a number of ways, including: Bridges Of Support, family counseling through various programs, an annual community event to honor passed children, bereavement boxes to families that are filled with special keepsakes. Additionally, the Care Team provides anticipatory grief support to children, siblings, and their families.

Support for Siblings

Sibling Bridges of Support and Hope (SBSH) is an opportunity for siblings (ages 5 – 16) of children with complex health needs to obtain peer support and education within a fun, supportive environment.

This unique program provides school-age siblings with opportunities for peer support in a relaxed, recreational setting where they can discuss common joys and concerns with other children who can relate to their experiences and unique situations that exist within their homes. They also learn how to cope in a healthy way with situations commonly experienced by others who are in similar situations and discuss implications of their sibling’s medical needs and the effects on them.  

For more info about upcoming SBSH program dates and for additional details, contact Child Life Specialist Mitch Cohen at or (602) 234-6700.

Refer a Family

Is there a family that should know about Ryan House?

If you know a family that may meet the qualification factors for respite stays and would like to refer them, please download our Family Brochure to share with them. From there, the family can contact our Care Team directly where someone will provide them with the information they may need to move forward.

Family Brochure

Care Team

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals can also refer a family to Ryan House. If your team wants to learn more about pediatric palliative care, or about the services provided at Ryan House, our staff is committed to working with you and your team.

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Cheryl Parker
November 28, 2022.

The care they provided for my friend was outstanding. They were with use as much as we wanted or as little as we wanted. They allowed multiple family and friends at the bedside. The doctor provided good explanations and the nurses were exceptional. So grateful to have had her there.

Patrick Sasser
September 24, 2022.

This is a wonderful team of health professionals and beautiful facility. They took outstanding care of our Father for 4 days at the end of his life. I would highly recommend Hospice of the Valley Ryan House. Dr Gilbertson, Sara, Kim and Elizabeth are all outstanding. I’m sorry I can’t remember all of your names, but you all did a great job. It was a blessing to have them on our Dad’s medical team. Thank you so much and God bless.

Lamis Affnan
July 23, 2022.

Thank you so much. And God bless you all.

Ryan R
June 20, 2022.

I like their place it has games, TV, rooms and cafe really like this place.👍

Esperanza Medina
June 16, 2022.

Staff member Evelyn helped connect me with the only person who could tell me about my birth mom . My birth mom passed away here at this hospice in 2020 and I had never met her ! I am so grateful to hear the staff here took great care of her . 🙏❤️ Evelyn thank you so so much for making finding out about my birth mom a little lighter . I am so thankful for you!

Savanna Rhoads
May 25, 2022.

I will never forget how great they were with our mom. One nurse in particular went way above and beyond her job to make sure she stayed as comfortable as she could. I would strongly suggest you take your loved one here. They provide a service that no other facility could provide.

Paul McMullin
May 11, 2022.

Our grandson stayed at ryan house for a few days prior to his passing. We so much appreciated this facility and the care the workers brought to him and to all of our family. We are so grateful that such a place exists.

Marla Hampton
March 11, 2022.

I'm writing to review the 6-day stay and experience that I recently had at Ryan House while my grandmother passed the last days of her life. Even though I am a Valley resident, this facility in downtown Phoenix was pretty far from my home, so I elected to stay in the room with my grandmother including sleeping there several nights.

Having had this kind of 'up close and personal' view of several days, several shifts, and several crews, I can say without any hesitation that TO A PERSON the staff at this facility is absolutely flawless. The degree of professionalism, skill, and compassion I experienced was without compare. My grandmother and I were both treated with care, respect, and dignity. I was grateful and deeply moved to witness my grandmother, who was not really conscious for any part of her stay, being treated as a PERSON and not just as a patient. Even though she couldn't communicate, the staff went out of their way to really pay attention to her, using their skill and expertise to anticipate needs, interpret non-verbal cues, and facilitate the least amount of suffering possible as my grandmother made her transition from earthly life. The doctor and staff listened to me and allowed me to continue to be an advocate for my grandmother until the very end. They really cared about what my grandmother's preferences would have been even though she couldn't express them herself. I truly felt like they cared about creating the best environment and conditions possible for this process. Although I was present with my grandmother as much as possible, when I did choose to leave in order to attend to personal needs it was with absolutely zero apprehension or anxiety for her treatment or welfare. I had every confidence that my grandmother would be as well taken care of in my absence as if I was there, based not only on my direct experience but also from watching the conduct of the staff toward other patients who did not have friends or family present.

As far as the facility itself is concerned, it was immaculately clean and as comfortable as a place like this can be. There is a large patio for the use of patients (if able) and family members that is furnished and lovely. There is also a large seating area. My grandmother's room had both a recliner and a side bed which were comfortable to sleep on and I was provided with a pillow and blanket. There was also a refrigerator in the room and I had access to a microwave and filtered water. There are several great restaurants in walking distance to the facility. Even though it is Central Phoenix, I felt perfectly safe to walk during the day and mostly safe walking in the early evening. I utilized the gated access parking garage to park my car and this also felt safe and secure.

I am more grateful than I can express to the men and women who cared for my grandmother and I at Ryan House. I will also mention here that my overall experience with Hospice of the Valley from beginning to end was absolutely exemplary in professionalism, compassion, and competence. I would never use another hospice organization in the area besides Hospice of the Valley.

Dee Wood
November 14, 2021.

I’ve been a volunteer for almost 7 years this place is amazing. Sorry the person below me had a bad experience.

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