Summer Fun is Heating Up at Ryan House With Its Very Own Edition of Food Network’s Chopped!

With temps on the rise outside, things are really heating up inside the house too! Ryan House recently cooked up some inside fun with its very own version of Food Network’s Chopped competition!
The teams included staff and care team members and adorable Arissa who was visiting on respite, were given the following ingredients that they had to incorporate into their recipes: cookie dough, apple sauce, meatball Spaghetti-o’s, and pickles. Can you say yum? NOT! 

Our judges, Clinical Team Leader Amanda (pictured above), Child Life Specialist Mitch, and Database and Finance Administrator Caryl, (just barely) braved the taste test as you can see from the expression on Amanda’s face!

Needless to say, the cookie without the Spaghetti-o’s topping was the clear winner and everyone had a blast! Who knows what they’ll cook up next?!

Happy summer everyone!