Sibling Bridges of Support and Hope

At Ryan House, we are fortunate enough to partner with several organizations as we work to serve our kids and families. This month, we worked with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the New Song Center to host Sibling Bridges of Support and Hope: a workshop for siblings of children with special needs.

The theme of our workshop was Ready… Set… Splash, and we had a great time! The event was co-facilitated by professionals and volunteers from Ryan House, New Song Center for Grieving Children and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and featured a variety of activities and opportunities for children to learn coping skills associated with being the sibling of someone with special needs.

Everyone had a blast, especially when the fire department showed up and let us play with their hose and participate in some special water games! Kids enjoyed a variety of other activities throughout the day and spent time with each other, developing their own support communities as they made new friends.

We are excited for our next workshop in October. So be on the lookout for a volunteer opportunity!