Meet the Adarmes Family

Little did we know that when our second daughter, Victoria, was born in 2004, she’d suffer severe complications at birth. The doctors immediately discovered she had heart issues which created a lack of oxygen to her brain, ultimately resulting in a condition called mixed choreoathetoid cerebral palsy that requires 24-hour care.

There were times during her first week of life that doctors were trying to temper our expectations and get us through an incredibly tumultuous period. “You need to prepare yourself,” they’d say. “We’re moving forward full steam ahead,” we’d say right back.

Everybody has a purpose in life. And the one thing you can’t strip away is hope and there are always miracles and God’s will. Despite everything that happened, there was a reason that she was placed in our family and chosen to be with us. Victoria is like liquid sunshine.

We have three other children – an older daughter who is 21 and two younger sons ages 15 and 12. We continue to learn a lot of lessons from Victoria. As a result of her condition, my other children are champions for those with disabilities. My oldest daughter is even studying to be a nurse.

Among many things, Victoria has taught us patience, what it truly means to take things one day at a time, and that things aren’t always perfect.

She has defied all odds that her doctors have had for her including thinking for herself. In fact, she uses a device to communicate using her eyes to control the words. She’s a miracle of life. We can’t emphasize that enough. She is a story of hope and miracles. When things seem dark, you just can’t give up and Victoria exemplifies that.

Another miracle in our lives is Ryan House. Every year, we designate our Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to them because it’s such an invaluable resource for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. You too can provide the gift of comfort and care by designating your tax credit to Ryan House. It’s truly a win-win because you also get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your return.

Ryan House provides Victoria fun experiences combined with some degree of independence from us. Among many things, one of the amazing benefits Ryan House offers us is the opportunity to have a vacation with our three other children while Victoria has her own vacation at Ryan House. It allows us time to bond with our other children, which is very important. We also like that we have the option to stay with her at Ryan House too.

We just can’t overstate it enough – respite stays at Ryan House have been an extremely important aspect of Victoria’s development and growth and a godsend to our family knowing she is in safe, capable and loving hands.

Victoria loves Ryan House! She loves people, being read to by volunteers and spending time in the family room with all the other kids. She’s always been a social butterfly. She enjoys watching the bubble machine in the sensory room and spending time outside. There really isn’t anything she doesn’t enjoy while she’s there.

Ryan House gives children like our daughter, Victoria, the opportunity to have so much joy in their lives. The kids live their lives to the fullest while taking part in fun and enriching activities that provide a bit of independence, all with the help of the amazing and caring staff and volunteers. That’s why we donate our Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to Ryan House year after year.

You can make a difference today by donating your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to Ryan House.  Your support ensures that families like ours can continue to utilize the loving care and services provided at Ryan House.  Your generosity makes a tremendous difference – please consider joining us in designating Ryan House as the recipient of your tax credit dollars by clicking this link.

With gratitude,

Demitri and Carolyn Adarmes