Every Dollar Makes a Tremendous Impact

Dear friends,

It’s summertime at Ryan House – one of our busiest times of the year caring for children with life-limiting conditions. As many of our families are planning summer getaways and staycations for some long overdue R & R, our care team is excited to welcome their kids with open arms and open hearts to visit the house for respite stays.

We provide experiences to children with complex medical needs in a safe, loving environment that are not available anywhere else – not just during the summer – but 365 days of the year completely free of charge.  When you walk through the halls at Ryan House, you can feel, hear, and see the joy that our kids feel when staying with us.

Thanks to your generous contributions, we’re able to continue our mission-critical work of enriching their quality of life and creating cherished memories while their families get a much-needed break from 24/7 caregiving.

Our kids take part in all kinds of adaptive activities that might not otherwise be accessible to them and receive personalized, expert care provided by our care partners and highly trained clinical staff. They do fun things like water balloon fights, dancing, karaoke, talent contests, and cooking competitions to name a few.

Not too long ago, a young boy with limited vision had the opportunity to play virtual paintball using a projector allowing him to interact and play just like other kids. Another child (who can only crawl) played a game from that same projector with simulated water, bubbles, and a boat. She chased the projected boats on the floor with a smile that lit up the entire room!

Speaking of smiles, another of our kids, who you have to work hard to get a smile from, was on our new adaptive backyard swing and couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

Children who have tracheotomy tubes (trachs) rarely have the chance to swim because it requires special care. Thanks to our care team, countless kids with trachs have been able to experience what it feels like to swim for the first time while their families have peace of mind knowing they are safe in our indoor hydrotherapy pool.

Another young boy has a sleep disorder that causes him to sleep only in short spurts. When he swims at Ryan House, it tires him out so much that he sleeps for hours at a time, catching up on much-needed rest.

Ryan House is also filled with tender, life-enhancing moments and activities for children that are receiving end-of-life care. A young girl was sitting with her mom in our Story of Me room recording a conversation about a trip that they took together just prior to her being admitted to hospice services. An incredible, loving memory that will last forever…

One of our teens, who loved arts and crafts, spent hours in the craft room creating gifts for her friends and family to remember her by. It was part of the legacy she wanted to leave for her loved ones. She said if we could move her bed into the craft room, she would sleep there – that’s how much she loved it.

These kinds of moments are truly priceless, and they happen every day at Ryan House – thanks to you.

Ryan House is the only place where these kids feel like they can truly be themselves and live their lives to the fullest in a safe homelike environment and not be singled out for their limitations. They make strong bonds and friendships with our staff, volunteers, and each other and look forward to their visits time and time again.

Every day, our families must face the unimaginable challenges of a life-limiting condition. Because of your generosity and support, Ryan House can continue to offer services, care, love, dignity, and compassion to children who are medically fragile and their families here in Arizona.

Families are never charged for the care that we provide; these essential services are only possible with your support. Can we count on you to make a gift today so that we can continue to enrich the quality of life and create cherished memories for the children and families we serve? Click here to make a donation.

Every dollar given makes a tremendous impact.  Thank you!

With gratitude,

Tracy Leonard-Warner

Executive Director

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