Event Spotlight: Arizona Big Train Operators Track Maintenance

Have you been to the backyard at Ryan House and noticed our train tracks? The Arizona Big Train Operators (ABTO) who maintain our outdoor train held a group meeting at Ryan House this month, and we loved learning more about them!

The ABTO consists of 66 members who volunteer their time to care for the trains and tracks both at Ryan House and at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa. Members absolutely love trains. In fact, many of them have their own layouts at home! They lovingly clean each train and the tracks they sit on to make sure that everything stays in good working order. They also decorate them for the holidays! 

The train was originally donated by Phoenix Pediatrics when they relocated their practice and realized they didn’t have space for it in their new office. ABTO has been helping to maintain our train tracks since their first arrived at the house. We are so thankful for their passion and the joy the train brings to our kids! 

At this month’s meeting, members climbed ladders and thoroughly cleaned of all of the buildings and pieces of the track to remove dust and debris. They also helped to remove dust on all of our outdoor furniture so our backyard would be in great shape for fall! It was such a pleasure to meet everyone in this hardworking group. We look forward to seeing them all again soon!