A Mother’s Day Wish from Ryan House Mom, Jane Andersen

“It’s impossible to describe how lucky we feel to have Ryan House in our lives,” said Ryan House mom, Jane Andersen pictured here with her son Matthew.

As Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, May 10, we invite you to read more about Jane’s Ryan House journey and consider making a gift this month in honor of Jane and all of the special moms in your life. 

You see, Jane and her husband Jon, have four children including Matthew, who was born with a brain injury that led to many other diagnoses including cerebral palsy, blindness, seizures, and developmental issues.

They shared with us that Matthew is such a blessing for their family but caring for him can sometimes be challenging. He needs constant care and struggles with being alone, even for the shortest amount of time. Finding individuals who are properly qualified to care for Matthew is near impossible. Ryan House is the only option for them and many families like theirs, who need extended care for a short period of time. 

When they discovered Ryan House five years ago, it quickly became a resource they never knew they needed. Matthew fell in love with the house immediately. He goes swimming and plays with therapy dogs among other fun things he loves to do during his stays. Jane told us that he constantly asks when he’s going to Ryan House again and when he does, he is always treated like a rockstar, getting the much-needed one-on-one attention that he needs.

Many have seen the Andersen family’s situation and have commented to them about how Matthew’s disabilities must put a strain on their family. They explained that the real strain, however, is the division it can cause their family, like family outings often being cut short. Because of this, as parents, they must divide and conquer – one of them caring for Matthew and the other staying with their other children. It can be very difficult for them to find time together, having full experiences with their other children.

Ryan House gives the Andersen’s opportunities to reunite, travel, and have experiences with their other children that they normally would never have like road trips, hiking, and water sport activities while Matthew enjoys his tailormade vacation at Ryan House. When these trips are over, they feel refreshed and Matthew feels overjoyed for having stayed at Ryan House. They all feel closer and happier.

“Every gift to Ryan House is a gift to Matthew and families like ours,” said Jane. “We truly don’t know where we would be today without Ryan House. That is why we’re asking you to please consider donating a gift in honor of those special moms in your life to Ryan House.”

As you can see from Jane’s story, the care and services we provide to moms of children with life-limiting conditions are priceless. Did you know that for a donation of only $10 you can provide baking supplies, acrylic paints, and other materials for fun activities? And, a gift of just $25, provides a child with two hours of relaxation in our calming sensory room. An hour of healing hydrotherapy in our warm water pool is just $50. A$100 gift provides life-enhancing therapeutic activities for four children and $250 provides 10 hours a week of creative arts therapies.

Every day, Ryan House supports Arizona-based mothers who are facing the unimaginable as they love and care for their medically fragile child.  

Help us celebrate motherhood during the month of May with a gift in honor or memory of your mother which will provide direct support to Ryan House mothers like Jane and her beautiful son Matthew.

Click here to make a gift! 

For more information, please contact Pepper Kincaid-Sizer at pkincaidsizer@ryanhouse.org or at (602) 200-0767.