Our Home

Ryan House is a 12,500 sq. foot home built to provide respite care, pediatric palliative care, and end-of-life care as well as appropriate therapies and activities in a supportive, home-like setting where all are welcome.

Memorial Garden

A tranquil and inviting space, the Memorial Garden features benches,
fountains, and a pergola that make it a peaceful area to reflect, share,
mediate, pray, plan or perhaps a place “just to be.”

Family Room

Using the great-room concept, the family living room has many
inviting areas for individuals, families, or small groups. This large,
attractive room includes a library, reading corners, video games, TV
and cozy furniture groupings. It is bathed in light with open views and
access to the outdoor play area and patio.

Creative U (Arts and Crafts Room)

Designed for different age groups with multiple activities available,
children and siblings use this room to express themselves through arts
and crafts. You’re likely to see a painting in progress, a puzzle partially
completed, a trunk overflowing with “dress-up” items and lots of
other interesting opportunities for fun and learning for children and
their siblings. It’s a favorite of the parents as well.

The Sensory Tent (Sensory Room)

This room is not one that would be found in a typical home; it’s a
captivating and special room designed to help children express
themselves, just relax, or to help them respond. It is small in size but
large in its capacity to reach children in a variety of ways. It is truly a
room to experience, awash with lights, sounds, colors and different
textures that stimulate a child’s senses.

The Swimming Hole
(Indoor Hydrotherapy Pool)

Hydro-therapuetic activities are a fun way to help children relax,
improve sleep, provide pain relief, and improve circulation. The pool is
heated and handicap-accessible and, for some children, is the only
time they will get to be in a pool.

Do’ Re’ Mi’ (Music Room)

Filled with different instruments and a variety of audio/visual
equipment, this room is used for music therapy and just plain fun for
the entire family. Because it is sound proof, one can bang on drums
and be as loud as they want to!

Story of Me Multimedia Room

This room provides a state-of-the-art multimedia experience that
allows Ryan House children to capture memories and promote healthy
communication within their entire family. Whether the child utilizes
Ryan House services for respite care or end-of-life care, the room will
help capture the child’s journey – from diagnosis to present day –
through the use of multimedia technologies and therapeutic play. This
is also a space, with a 90” big screen TV, that can be used for plain old
fun and family movie nights.

Landscaped Patios and Play Area

A colorful and fun accessible playground stands at the center of the
patio area. The playground has picnic tables, life-sized cartoon
characters, and a working train (along with other amenities) to
encourage kids to play.

Children’s Cabins (Bedrooms)

Ryan House has eight bedrooms for children, each with their own
theme such as The Camp Fire, Once Upon a Time, and the Wild, Wild
West. The cabins, designed to meet the unique needs of children who
stay there, each have a daybed where friends and relatives can spend
the night.

Family Suites

There are three family suites at Ryan House in Phoenix, AZ where
families stay during the first visit and are always welcome. The
hotel-like rooms offer a quiet space of refuge and comfort for
caregivers, including a private patio, bathroom, and daybed for
siblings, relatives, or the child themselves.

Lake Squeaky Clean (Bathing Room)

Ryan House has a welcoming room with the necessary lift, bathing bed
and shower to ensure good hygiene, safety and privacy. The room is
handicap accessible, offering a fun, spa-like experience for the
children. Often, it is the only chance children who stay at our home
have to get a bath.


This non-denominational space offers a quiet and peaceful space
where adults can take time for reflection and can have private
and intimate discussions with the Care Team or their Spiritual

The S’mores Café (Kitchen)

Our family-style kitchen provides a home-like atmosphere, where
children and their families can gather and share a meal. Ryan House
kids have fun baking cookies or cupcakes, and volunteers often
provide home-cooked meals for families. You can always find a hot cup
of coffee, or a chilled beverage. Families and kids have a variety of
snacks to choose from in our walk-in pantry, supplied with donations
from our community partners.