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Life-Enhancing Therapeutic Activities in Phoenix

Caring for children requires so much more than feeding, bathing, or giving them medicine when sick. Finding opportunities to engage in other life-enhancing therapeutic activities provides them with personal growth and fun. They are essential, especially for children with serious illnesses, because they enhance their joy in life, help them find new hobbies, and enable them to go through various treatments more easily.

In Arizona, Ryan House offers children with life-limiting conditions the best quality of life possible by providing them with a wide variety of life-enhancing therapeutic activities. Among many things, these activities reduce the feelings of isolation, pain, and fear children face. Some of the therapeutic activities we offer include:

Hydrotherapy Pool (Swimming Hole)

The hydrotherapy pool is a fun, life-enhancing therapeutic activity as it helps children sleep, relax, increase circulation, and relieves pain. At Ryan House, we understand that children with life-limiting illnesses might not get a chance to be in a swimming pool; therefore, we offer an indoor hydrotherapy pool that is heated and accessible to all children, including those with physical disabilities.

Sensory Room

Ryan House’s sensory room enables children to enhance their sensory development by interacting with different elements in the room, such as sound and visual effects. Our sensory room is fitted with lights, colors, sounds, and different textures, stimulating a child’s senses and increasing motor development. It is also a place where a child who might be overstimulated can go to relax.

Art (Creative U Arts and Crafts Room)

Most children express what they feel better through art. Ryan House has an arts and crafts room that accommodates different activities for children of varying ages and abilities. Children express themselves in this room through painting, completing puzzles, drawing, and other fun craft activities.

Music (Do Re Mi Music Room)

Children love music. There is no denying that. At Ryan House, we have a music room and music therapy. The music room is filled with different instruments kids can play and various audio and visual equipment that children can use to record their music and even create their own albums, allowing kids an opportunity to express themselves and be creative.

Legacy Building (Story of Me Room)

At Ryan House, we have our Story of Me Room, a multimedia room that provides a state-of-the-art experience that enables children to capture their memories. The child can capture their journey from diagnosis to the present-day using multimedia technologies and therapeutic play.


Children love to play. We encourage them to play and engage in activities by providing them with a large, colorful, and wheelchair-accessible playground area. Our playground has a working train, life-sized cartoon characters, picnic tables, and other amenities that provide children with all the fun to help them enjoy life.

Pediatric Respite and Palliative Care in Phoenix

Ryan House aims to change Arizona’s families’ lives by providing support at no cost and offering high-quality pediatric respite and palliative care to children experiencing unique life-limiting and end-of-life journeys. Contact us for inquiries and to donate online.

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