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Grief and Bereavement Support in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Ryan House provides grief and bereavement support in a number of ways to assist families before and after the death of a child. Some of the grief and bereavement support services we offer include:

Counseling and Support

In coordination with our partners at the New Song Center for Grieving Children, we offer counseling and support to the families and siblings of the patient to strengthen and give them hope when the child is alive, during the time of death, and even after death. Counselors are available to work closely with caregivers.

Counselors also work with the deceased’s siblings in a gentle and understanding way to help them cope with emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, or other feelings associated with grief.

Counseling and support services include:

  • Follow-up calls
  • Group support
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Counseling for up to two years

We encourage caregivers to communicate with bereavement counselors to organize grief support that meets their and their family’s needs.

Hope after Loss

The grief of losing a loved one, especially a child, is unique for everyone. Therefore, we tailor our bereavement support to meet a family’s experience, culture, and traditions. Bereavement coordinators organize and provide support for families and friends to help them cope with the loss of the child. We do not charge for this support. It can begin before death in the end-of-life stage and extends after death.

Anticipatory Grief

Anticipatory grief is the sorrow families, friends, and loved ones undergo before the child’s death. Ryan House’s Child Life Specialist offers anticipatory grief support by working with children, siblings, and families and through programs such as bereavement boxes filled with special keepsakes.

AZ Charitable Tax Credit

Are you looking for ways to get a tax credit in Arizona? Arizona tax laws provide a tax credit to people when they donate to qualified charitable organizations. Ryan House is one of the charity organizations that can make you eligible for the dollar-for-dollar tax credit. All you have to do is to make a donation to Ryan House’s mission of providing care and comfort to children with life-limiting conditions.

The maximum tax credit when filing as an individual is $400, and $800 when filing as a couple. Contact your tax advisor for more information on whether you are eligible for a tax credit in Arizona.

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