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Soliz and Camila

Born 21 months apart, both Soliz and Camila have a rare chromosomal syndrome called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (4p-). They are both considered to be “deafblind”- being both visually and hearing impaired and require hearing aids and glasses. Both children are prone to seizures.

“Ryan house has become a huge factor for us, someone to count on,” their mom Heather said. “After our first weekend we felt renewed…we felt like we had been on a two week vacation. Ryan House allows us to rest and reconnect with each other. I wish I could convey to other families how important total respite is, not just for me as a mom but for Andre and I as a couple. If we don’t take this break we can’t give our family what they need and deserve.”

“It’s such a precious resource,” dad, Andre, said. “It’s humbling that there is a community that donates its time and money to help us. I’m really grateful.”

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