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Parker was born a happy and healthy baby – she always smiled, laughed and easily achieved all of her baby milestones. But one day, at 10 months old, she was no longer able to crawl or roll over. She spent two months in the hospital undergoing tests and was sent home without a diagnosis as her symptoms continued to worsen.

About a month later, Parker was diagnosed with a genetic and fatal version of leukodystrophy called Krabbe disease. The myelin in her brain was not growing and eventually led to her complete paralysis. She had just months to live.

Parker never learned to walk or talk, but her family knew she could clearly understand them and adored her time at Ryan House. She loved having books read to her and being pulled up and down the hallways in a red wagon by the staff and volunteers.

Sadly, little Parker passed away at 16 months old on Dec. 11, 2013, while the family was staying at the Ryan House.

“I could never have imagined going through this process alone, by ourselves, and at home,” said Parker’s mother, Jennifer. “The staff and volunteers extended every courtesy, compassion, and their knowledge at the end of Parker’s journey. I can’t thank them all enough! We miss you, ‘little bird.’ Fly high, sweet girl!”

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