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Cade and Colby

Cade and Colby have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a weakening and deterioration of the muscles. With your heart and respiratory system being a muscle and your spine requiring muscles to hold it up, the 11-year-old twins have bodies that just cannot keep up. Starting out as active kids, who crawled until they walked and walked until they ran, they have also witnessed their older brother, Ethan, endure and pass away from the same condition at 25-years-old. Shorty after his death, the twins found a message from Ethan giving them advice on how to get through this. Sadly each time they listen, things become clearer.

“Learning about Ryan House was a huge emotional release for me,” mom, Amy, said. “Before Ryan House some days were dark and scary, but now I have a ray of hope. With just two days rest I know I can go on and do anything.”

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