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Ways to Support Ryan House That Don’t Involve Donating


Ways to Support Ryan House That Don’t Involve Donating

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Approximately 41.0% of patients receiving pediatric palliative care services are under one year of age, including perinatal patients, and 45.6% are between two and seventeen years old. To families whose children have life-limiting conditions, it can be overwhelming. That is why places like Ryan House exist to ensure that these children and their families receive palliative and respite care to cater to their spiritual, emotional, and social needs.

Just like all homes, Ryan House needs funding to serve the community effectively. Fortunately, the Arizona tax law provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions made towards places like Ryan House. While this law lowers the amount you owe the state, the funds enable qualified charities like Ryan House to give optimum care. However, giving money is not the only valuable way to support a place like Ryan House. There’s plenty more that you can do even if you are unable to donate. Read on to learn more.

Volunteer During Your Free Time

While free time is a time to relax and enjoy some personal time, spending time with children living with life-limiting conditions can be fulfilling. Children who go to Ryan House love to play and read with volunteers. Also, the staff might use some help to cook or to organize projects. You don’t need to spend money to make an impact in these children’s lives.

Recruit More Well-Wishers

Charities like Ryan House can always use more friends. You can make it a personal initiative to recruit your friends to help with projects like repairs or delivery services. Creating networks with people who may want to touch lives may help these homes save money and offer better services to these children.

Participate in Fundraising Events

Fundraising events like our Community Breakfast or our Run for Ryan House require community participation to be successful. These events need a lot of personnel and planning, which you can help with. Also, you can reach your family and friends to participate in these life-changing events.

Participate in Legacy Giving

You can change the lives of children who have life-limiting conditions by leaving your assets to charities upon your demise. Legacy giving allows you to continue making a difference with your assets and change lives for the better even after you are gone.

Why You Should Start Giving to Ryan House

While donating money is an essential contribution towards the well-being of children living with life-limiting conditions, it’s not the only way to positively impact the community. Contact us today to participate in our various activities while we change lives.

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