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Offering Hope and Renewal

Keeping the doors open

Offering Hope and Renewal

by Ryan House

Your loyal support of Ryan House provides parents with renewed hope and some happiness even as they face an unimaginable reality – the fact that they will most likely outlive their own children, much like that of Heather and Andre, parents of Soliz and Camila (pictured above).

Having two children with a rare chromosomal syndrome called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (4p-) has meant long, exhausting days and nights for Heather and Andre.

Born 21 months apart, their children are both considered to be “deafblind” – both visually and hearing impaired, Soliz and Camila both require hearing aids and glasses. They are also prone to frequent seizures.

Families are never charged a fee for the emotional and medical support received at Ryan House. Yet annual operating expenses at Ryan House total more than two million dollars. Your generosity is what keeps our doors open to children and families facing the most difficult of times.

And for this family, a few days at Ryan House does wonders to recharge the batteries and to ease the burden of round-the-clock care for these little girls.

Click here to make the gift of respite possible for Ryan House families. For more information on ways you can support Ryan House, click here.

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