Mmmm Cupcakes! Summer Fun Heats Up at Ryan House!

We just love it when SARRC visits the house with their staff and kids that they serve through their Community Works program. This incredibly successful program engages the kids that SARRC serves by offering them volunteer opportunities at a variety of places throughout the Valley. And, Ryan House is one of them! These amazing volunteers complete all kinds of projects while they’re here like baking treats, helping us to clean and organize different areas, and whatever else they can do...

The Memorial Garden Gets Summer Redo

A group of volunteers from McGraw Hill Publishing visited the house recently to help us out with a few projects. Wow! They were incredible! Not only did they help us create decorations for our prom, organize our pantry and help us create small floral bouquets from a flower donation we’d received, they also sanded and repainted all of the benches in our Memorial Garden. They were scheduled for just a few hours but ended up staying nearly twice as long...

Have You Heard? We Have a New Street Address!

The City of Phoenix recently renamed West Merrell Street between Central and Third Avenues (where Ryan House is located), Muhammad Ali Way, in honor of world champion boxer, social activist and pop culture icon, Muhammad Ali. The new street signs were unveiled during a ceremony near the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute on June 3, which the City has proclaimed as Muhammad Ali Day in honor of his life and his contributions to the city. Three years...

Support Ryan House Dads This Father’s Day!

Father's Day comes once a year, but Ryan House supports dads 24/7, 365 as they love and care for their medically fragile children. In honor of Dad, help us celebrate fatherhood during the month of June with a gift in honor or memory of your father or a special dad in your life, which will provide direct support to Ryan House fathers like Jose Tavizon and his beautiful daughter Angelita. Make your gift here! Shopping for gifts online? If so,...

Suns Charities 88 Donates Bench in Ryan Cottor’s Memory

Suns Charities 88 members came for a visit and brought something very special with them... a beautifully hand-painted wooden bench in memory of Ryan House Namesake, Ryan Cottor. The bench is prominently located in the foyer of the house. So, next time you're over for a visit, be sure to check it out. Thank you Suns Charities 88 and everyone involved in creating this beautiful bench for us. We are so grateful for your support and for this very special...

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