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How Your Tax Credits Help Children at Ryan House


How Your Tax Credits Help Children at Ryan House

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Arizona provides a unique tax benefit for generosity. When you donate cash to a Qualifying Charitable Organization, you receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income tax. So, if you donate $400 to a pediatric respite care service provider like Ryan House, you reduce your Arizona income tax bill by $400.

Many charities leave donors in the dark about how their donation is used. However, Ryan House has an established track record of working with children with terminal illnesses and their families.

Here are three ways your tax credit helps children at Ryan House.

Pediatric Respite Care

Caring for a child with a terminal illness can be stressful. Pediatric respite care gives children and their caregivers some time off from life’s daily stresses.

About 17 million unpaid caregivers provide care to a child with special needs under the age of 18 in the United States. A small percentage of them provide end-of-life care for children. This can be an emotionally and physically overwhelming job.

Respite care allows these children and their caregivers to take a break. These overnight stays allow kids to play with other kids and parents to rest.

Therapeutic Activities

Children with an end-of-life diagnosis and their siblings face a lot of emotional issues. Therapeutic activities help them deal with the fear, pain, and isolation they face every day.

Therapeutic activities help improve the quality of life for these children. They also help the families work through their emotions as they deal with daily life.

Some therapeutic activities Ryan House conducts include:

  • Recreation
  • Art
  • Music
  • Pet therapy
  • Sensory activities
  • Hydrotherapy

Pediatric Palliative Care

Part of end-of-life care is finding a way to maximize comfort and quality of life. Palliative care allows families to develop a palliative program that is consistent with their beliefs and addresses their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

The goal of palliative care is to reduce suffering, so the family can continue to grow and enjoy their time together. With support, a family can address their situation holistically and get the most out of their family time.

Donations to Ryan House provide double benefits. You receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donation. This makes your donation free to you. At the same time, your donation can help children and their families address a major health event with the help of Ryan House and its staff. Contact Ryan House today to learn how you can redirect your tax credits and how they can help children in need.

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