b'Giving to Ryan House10 Reasons 10 WaysYou Should Give to Give1 Ryan House provides pediatric1 Volunteer to play, read, respite, palliative, and end-of-lifecuddle and more with care and therapeuticRyan House kids.activities in a supportive, home-like setting. 2Volunteer to cook, help with projects and events, 2Arizonas most uniqueor give tours.children can truly be themselves here. 3Participate in our Community Breakfast, 3Parents get a much-neededRun for Ryan House, break, while kids receiveor White Christmas Gala.world-class care. 4Host, volunteer or attend a 4Families can focus onThird-Party Fundraising being a family and living lifeEvent or Wishlist Drive. to the fullest.5Make a monetary donation.5Its not just a house, but a home for special kids. 6 Make an in-kind donation. 6Ryan House provides a7Raise or donate $1,000 to loving community of ongoingsupport a childs 24-hour stay. support and compassion.8Donate your Arizona State 7Care is provided by highlyTax Credit.skilled staff.9Participate in Legacy Giving.8 There is no cost to families. 10Make a required minimum 9Ryan House is 100% fundeddistribution from yourby donations. 401K/IRA.10Big or small, all support makes a difference.'